Thursday, August 29, 2013


What Would Happen If CO2 Increased By 25X? | Real Science
The density (grams/liter) of CO2 molecules in Mars atmosphere is about 25 times greater than on Earth, and the average temperature there is -83ºF.
Bloomberg Wants A Return To The Kinder, Gentler Weather Of 1936 | Real Science
7 DIE IN AND NEAR CITY; New York Gasps in the Highest Temperature in Bureau History...Times Square at 115
Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons report: Global warming scientists ‘adjust both data and even theory to accommodate politically correct positions’ | Climate Depot
Escape from climate alarmism will be more difficult than from Lysenkoism, in Lindzen’s view, because Global Warming has become a religion. It has a global constituency and has coopted almost all institutional science. Nevertheless, he believes “the cracks in the scientific claims for catastrophic warming are…becoming much harder for the supporters to defend.”
Retired U.S. Air Force Meteorologist Smacks Down Washington Post for Editorial full of ‘mis-statements, half-truths, and omissions’ | Climate Depot
Meteorologist Robert W. Endlich: 'The claim, increasing greenhouse gases humans have emitted into the atmosphere as chief driver of the warming of the planet over the past half-century, a finding to which they ascribe 95% confidence, is without merit or foundation. There is no technical basis for such a claim, if there were, the IPCC would trumpet it loudly; it is simply bloviation.'

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