Monday, August 05, 2013


Couple told to grow hedge to block wind turbine - Telegraph
A couple fighting plans for a wind farm close to their home have been advised to grow a 17ft-high hedge if they do not want to look out at the massive turbines.
Warmist Paul Douglas on Weather |
We're stuck in a stubbornly persistent blocking pattern, with northwest winds aloft keeping us cooler than average the next 2 weeks.
A Year Without A (real) August? I think so.
Note to Broadcast Meteorologists pressured by News Directors or Forecast the Facts
In his 2012 BAMS article Keith decried the tactics of groups like Forecast the Facts. You may wish to copy that article if challenged by your station management based on letters from FTF or other environmental groups who have little knowledge of the actual facts but are strong believers in the so called consensus position because of their education or political leanings.
Underwater volcanic range discovered off coast of Norway
2,200 F (1200° C) magma pouring into the seas from hundreds of submarine volcanoes – and we wonder why the seas are warming.
Articles: Let Them Eat Wind
Now with the arrogance of the Ancien Régime of France, whose members led luxurious and insulated lives built on the work and sweat of their countrymen, Obama is effectively telling the growing class of poor Americans whose drop from the middle class is the consequence of leftist elitism that instead of recharging the American economy by real means -- using our vast amounts of coal and also oil and gas to create employment, providing federal and state governments with income (royalties) which do not require taxes, and making reducing the flow of dollars out of our nation -- that they should be content with the panacea of windmills, solar energy, and other impractical schemes.

Marie Antoinette was reported as saying, "Let them eat cake" in response to reports that Frenchmen had no bread. Likewise, Obama tells Americans who have no jobs, "Let them eat wind." The mansions and salons of our capital, which comfortably provide out of tax dollars fantastic extravagance showing blithe indifference to the real hardships outside the cocoon of Washington, look remarkably like their predecessors in 1789 Paris.

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