Tuesday, August 27, 2013


WaPo: Damn IPCC ignorance about warming slowdown, full speed ahead with economy-wrecking emissions cuts anyway | JunkScience.com
Those inevitable uncertainties are all the more reason for governments, starting with the United States’, to head off the ample risks of continuing to release huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the air and to set about it with speed and ambition.
Rare late August snowstorm for Iceland
It’s the cold that comes with it which could well grab weather headlines this weekend
Warmist: Sea-level rise inevitable, but it may take 2,000 years | JunkScience.com
All we can say is that it will take no longer than 2,000 years.
C3: Peer Reviewed Science: India's Experience Refutes IPCC's Climate Change Predictions
Adjacent is another study confirming the lack of prediction skill emanating from the IPCC. India still is hammered by monsoons but rainfall amounts are no different than in the past.
$138 million wind farm creates 120 construction jobs, 5 full-time jobs, community benefits uncertain | JunkScience.com
Will Obama make fun of these jobs, too?

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