Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Twitter / scottstgeorge [We're saved!  Minnesotan takes fossil-fueled trip to DC to play global warming song]
Thu at my man Dan Crawford will perform 'A Song of Our Warming Planet' for the first time live!
Twitter / scioClimate: 81% of #scioClimate attendees ...

81% of attendees are new to ScieneOnline. 65% are on twitter. Here's the list!

89% Of People In New Hampshire Believe That The Arctic Weighs Less Than A Duck | Real Science
I suspect that 89% would have expressed concern for Arctic penguins, had they been asked that question.
Who made sociologists so wise in the ways of science?
Twitter / cwhope: .@richardtol Windmills should ...
.@richardtol Windmills should have to pay for externalities, eg loss of visual amenity @aDissentient
Outrage as British taxpayer funds student vegetable growing project | Trending Central
Questions are being raised over a “first class waste” of taxpayer money after it was discovered that Britain’s Higher Education Funding Council (HEFCE) for England is apportioning £5m a year of its budget to help British students plant vegetables, amongst other ‘green’ activities.

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