Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Flagstaff sets record low high of 62 degrees for Aug. 6
The city of Flagstaff has broken or tied not one but two temperature records today – so far.

The National Weather Service at Bellemont reports that the low last night was just 57 degrees, tying the record set in 1981 for the highest low temperature.

Then today, the mercury got up to just 62 degrees, shattering the previous record low high of 70 by 8 degrees set in 2002.
One in three French don’t believe in climate change – The Connexion
ONE in three French do not believe in climate change, or that it is caused by human activity, according to a government study.

The poll by the Commissariat général au développement durable (CGDD) found 61% believed climate change existed and was caused by human activity.
Spin cycle: Copenhagen’s rise, fall, and rise again to cycling supremacy | Grist
And a whopping 75 percent of Copenhagen cyclists ride year-round, despite the fact that the weather in this city, which is at roughly the same latitude as Juneau, Alaska, was described by almost every local I spoke to as flat-out “shitty” (imagine Seattle, only darker in winter)...But the city has its own whips, first among them being the steady whittling away of car parking in the city center, combined with an increase in the cost of remaining parking spots. Narrowing or eliminating car lanes to make room for more bike tracks – a trend that seems to make Brøndom Bay especially proud – adds further disincentive for drivers. So does turning streets into bike parking lots outside of train stations.
Best Times to Visit Copenhagen | U.S. News Travel
The best time to visit Copenhagen is in the summer, despite it being generally overrun with visitors. Between May and September, the streets come alive as cafés spill to the sidewalks and festivals fill the air with music. Beginning in October, the city goes into hibernation for the winter to escape the biting cold

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