Saturday, August 31, 2013


Bad News Piling Up for Germany’s Energiewende | Via Meadia
This is what happens when you let pie-in-the-sky dreams dictate policy. We can all agree that it would be wonderful if we figured out a way to cheaply and efficiently harness the sun’s power with solar panels and wind turbines. But we’re not there yet, and government subsidies won’t change that (though government grants to research and development might). Germany has to come to terms with the fact that it made a wrong turn with its energiewende. Expect that reckoning to come sooner rather than later.
A Carbon Tax That America Could Live With -
In a free society, the government can’t easily regulate how close I live to work, whether I car-pool with my neighbor or how often I don a cardigan. Yet if we are to reduce carbon emissions at minimum cost, we need a policy that encompasses all possible margins of adjustment.
Twitter / mikeseidel: Thanks in part to dry air, ...
Thanks in part to dry air, this is only the 6th season since 1960 that we haven't had a hurricane in the Atlantic Basin by end of August.
Twitter / PeterGleick: @WXRISKCOM There is no "hiatus" ...
@WXRISKCOM There is no "hiatus" in overall warming. Surface temperatures are a tiny fraction of total heat, rest is ice/oceans.

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WOW! So, tell this to Mckibben and Hayhoe! ho ho ho This is a remarkable admission! No more hysteria about high temperatures in summer!