Thursday, August 08, 2013


Pipeline dreams: Why fossil-fuel divestment is easier said than done | Grist
Moral reasons aside, it seems kind of dumb to invest in an apocalypse; after all, if I know about the carbon bubble, I sure hope that a bunch of financial experts do.
...sometimes it’s tough to be patient, especially when you’re a young idealist watching the world around you melt.

Susie Neilson is an SF Weekly editorial intern and journalism student at Northwestern University interested in social justice, bioethics, art, and hippie stuff like vegan baked goods and committing to sustainability.
German Politicians Moving To Ban Meat Consumption – Request The Enactment Of A Weekly “Veggie-Day”
The Greens want to enact a nationwide vegetarian day after the national elections [in September]. Once a week there is to be NO meat or meat sauce on the menu at public cafeterias!”
Hill Heat : Rep. Scott Perry (R-Penn.) Takes 'Exception' To Man-Made Global Warming
“I do believe global warming is occurring. …However, I do take exception, whether it’s man-made or not. I learned in public school, the scientific theory. …You have a theory and it has to be proven. And I’m concerned anytime that a nation, or the world, makes up policy based on a theory that … has gained consensus but” does not have proof, he said.
California EPA Blatantly Lying About The Climate | Real Science
Complete bullshit. Tide gauges and satellite sea level data both show no rise in California sea level for decades.

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