Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Warmism Failing: WaPo reports GOP ‘paying no price whatsoever for climate science denialism’ |
Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson isn’t budging from skepticism despite a $2 million warmist campaign against him.
Obama is Denying Energy Independence to America | Somewhat Reasonable
Watching the events unfold in the Middle East, it occurred to me that, if we had a president who had even the slightest grasp of energy facts, we could be living in a nation that is not dependent in part on Middle East oil.
The New York Times' Global Warming Hysteria Ignores 17 Years Of Flat Global Temperatures - Forbes
While global warming has been trumpeted as an epic climate change crisis with human-produced CO2, a trace atmospheric “greenhouse gas” branded as a primary culprit and endangering “pollutant,” remember that throughout earlier periods of Earth’s history CO2 levels have been between four and eighteen times higher than now, with temperature changes preceding, not following atmospheric CO2 changes.

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