Thursday, August 15, 2013


Twitter / aDissentient: Has the BBC ever made a programme ...
Has the BBC ever made a programme in which greens were presented as anything other than wise and virtuous?
Apples losing their crunch to global warming - FRANCE 24
The research claims to be the first to measure changes in the taste and texture of food as a result of climate change.
Twitter / JoshRosenau: Panel agrees: no one talks ...
Panel agrees: no one talks about climate change with their friends and neighbors. #scioclimate
Twitter / jimprall: Ed Maibach at #SCIOclimate: ...
Ed Maibach at #SCIOclimate: Many see climate as not polite dinner topic, like sex or religion - too likely to step on a landmine
NEWS: National Journal: “Pipes Worth $200 Million Sit as Washington Fights Over Keystone XL” | Energy & Commerce Committee
National Journal published striking new images yesterday of an endless row of stacked pipes sitting idle in the tiny town of Gascoyne, North Dakota as they wait for approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. According to a graphic produced by National Journal, these pipes would stretch 281 miles and are worth over $200 million. The pipes, which are just a fraction of the piping that would be used to build the $7 billion landmark jobs and infrastructure project, have been stacked in a field since 2011, awaiting the president’s green light to start building.
Are you ready to embrace the apocalypse? | Hal Niedzviecki | Comment is free |
Facing up to the slow collapse of our planet is hard, but thinking apocalyptically could help us prepare for the crises to come

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