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Climate Changers Endorse Nuclear Power – Why Now? | Watts Up With That?
As a long-suffering nuclear engineer, I have to ask (in a conservative webzine, American Thinker, is it in nuclear power’s best interest to make public alliance with the climate change crowd? I say no, citing the growing awareness of the “tells” on display, i. e. signs of fraud, we see documented here on WUWT and elsewhere. “Lie down with the dogs and get up with fleas” is my warning. Of course, any rational environmentalist SHOULD embrace nuclear just on its relative conventional pollutant profile and would be welcome to say kind words about nuclear – just don‘t ask that the support be reciprocated.
Twitter / seanmdav: @RebeccaJWilder @JamesDelingpole ...
@RebeccaJWilder @JamesDelingpole They paved paradise and put up a *&#$^%! wind turbine.
Twitter / RichardTol: Storch and I were on Fox radio ...
Storch and I were on Fox radio talking about climate science, economics and policy (HvS 15 min in; RT 45 min in)
New Greener Sailing Cargo Ships Cut Carbon Emissions |
Truly green shipping would require crafts that don’t depend on fossil fuels, like the sail-powered hybrid container ship being designed by the Dutch company Dykstra, or even solar-powered cargo ships.
Thousand to join Balcombe 'occupy' camp - Telegraph
Anti-fracking protesters managed to delay drilling in rural Sussex for seven days but Cuadrilla, the energy company, finally started work on its exploratory oil well last Friday.
Other demonstrators in Balcombe included Natalie Hynde, the 30-year-old daughter of the singers Chrissie Hynde and Ray Davies, her boyfriend Simon “Sitting Bull” Medhurst, a former RAF photographer, and Marina Pepper, a former model.

All are veterans of previous protests against capitalism, road building, tax avoidance or the clearing of traveller encampments, and some villagers are unhappy that what they feel should be a local protest has been hijacked by serial protesters from all over the country.

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