Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Americans Don't Care What Scientists Think About Climate Science -
The U.N. has big news on climate change, but the public won't be listening.
IPCC: Last 30-year period warmest of last 800 years |
So why was it so warm 800 years ago?
Snowfall closes a number of roads on Australia’s West Coast
Police advise all roads above 400 metres and roads on the West Coast will be affected by snow during the day.
Inconvenient Truth Update: Was the Record-Breaking Mumbai Rainfall of July 2005 Evidence of Climate Disruption?
Jain et al. report that, overall, no clear pattern for rainfall for the Northeast Region of India has emerged, either spatially or temporally; and they thus say that “one can conclude that the rainfall series for this region for the period 1871-2008 does not have any significant trend.”

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