Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The End of the Age of Science | ScottishSceptic
I was just thinking about the Lorry driver I met yesterday who was so vehemently opposed to “Alex Salmond’s folly” even though he was making money transporting wind loads.

He wouldn’t care less what prof Jim Al-Khalili said about the effect of CO2 … because for many of the population, the views of these academics which has become the face of “science” is just a joke.
Fear and Loathing of Climate Change | Minda Berbeco
I was doing what every good scientist should do is this day and age—climate change tourism. I was visiting a place that won’t be around 100 years from now. And I’ll be honest with you, it was awesome.

Where was this incredible vacation-land? The beaches of North Carolina, of course.
Twitter / aDissentient: That's almost a week without ...

That's almost a week without any significant power produced by wind farms

Climate Change Could Cost the U.S. Trillions: Technologist Ramez Naam | Daily Ticker - Yahoo! Finance
“Wildfires are about four times more common in the U.S. now because of climate change,” says Naam.

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