Friday, August 16, 2013


Global warming skeptics encouraged to attend |
Climate skeptic? Come see the facts. Did you know that this is the hottest decade on record? And scientists have reconstructed records from millennia.
Shocking: The World's Richest 500 Million People Create 50% Of Global Warming
Approximately 1.2 billion people currently don't have access to electricity whatsoever, so providing them with the most affordable type of energy is the top priority. The additional emissions from that population would only account for 1% of the global total. Cleaner energy will come later.
1952 : Low CO2 Flood Killed Dozens In Devon | Real Science
The dice were not loaded at the time.
NASA Massively Tampering With The US Temperature Record | Real Science
The animation below shows how they altered the temperature data to wipe out the inconvenient 1930s, and massively warm the 1990s.

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