Monday, August 26, 2013


Dayton feels heat as environmentalists, labor allies clash on mining | Star Tribune
Many advocates on both sides see the issue as the biggest showdown between labor and environmentalists in years.
“There’s a lot more Rangers than environmentalists,” said former DFL state Rep. Tom Rukavina, now an aide for U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan, D-Minn. “We built America and won two world wars for this country. If they can’t figure that out, then I guess they have a lesson to learn.”
ABC News Watch: The bottomless pit
According to ABC's online poll "Most Australians think the Government should do more to tackle climate change" .(How statistically credible is that?.. Ed...this poll has zero statistical credibility)

The poll would have had more credibility is it had included an indication of what people were prepared to pay, but as ABC works in a cost-less world, a bottom less pit where money rains down from heaven to fill it like magic
WaPo slams ethanol ‘central planning’ — but it would somehow be different with CO2? |
Sadly though, carbon central planning would be just peachy.
Video: Dick Lindzen talks global warming at Doctors for Disaster Preparedness meeting |
A great man addresses a great group.

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