Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Google - leading the way on renewable energy | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional
Google stops short of bold proclamations about a grand vision for its sustainability strategy. After all, founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page co-own a Boeing 767, nicknamed Google One, and together with executive chairman Eric Schmidt they are reported to share a fleet of eight private jets with special landing rights at NASA's mothballed Moffat Field.
June 2013: Google refers to itself a "a carbon neutral company"
As a carbon neutral company, our goal is to use as much renewable energy as possible—and by doing so, stimulate further production.
Should climate scientists advocate for policy? - Google+
Join the live chat Wednesday (8/7) at 9AM EDT (Eastern Time).
Gavin Schmidt
Judith Curry
Richard Betts
You won’t be eating a lab-grown hamburger anytime soon
these three-dimensional wads of meat would have to be exercised regularly with stretching machinery, essentially elaborate meat gyms
(Ir)responsible advocacy by scientists | Climate Etc.
The issue of policy advocacy by scientists is looming in importance for the climate community. Given the overall lack of effectiveness of climate policy advocacy by climate scientists to date, scientists should reconsider what the heck they are doing in this regard. The irresponsibility with which the AGU is proceeding with its advocacy has the potential to seriously harm not only AGU’s image and credibility, but also the science itself.

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