Sunday, August 25, 2013


Lomborg: Green groups increasingly claim global warming risks are occurring *now*. This is wrong and weakens the argument.
By focusing on the urgent *now*, they increase a sense of panic, but panic rarely leads to good policies. Moreover, the *now* is typically not justified. Most climate impacts will only be detectable many decades or even only in the second half of the century, and for very long they won't be the dominant driver of climate impacts. (See e.g. hurricanes, where even very concerned scientists tell us that increases "may not be detectable until the latter half of the century"
Can UN scientists revive drive against climate change? |
Paris: A leaden cloak of responsibility lies on the shoulders of UN scientists as they put the final touches to the first volume of a massive report that will give the world the most detailed picture yet of climate change.
An Optimistic Interview on Climate Change
it’s getting harder and harder for serious politicians to keep repeating denier myths
Growing German Green Intolerance: Greens Carry Out Violent Attacks Against CO2 And Euro Skeptical AfD Party
Among the injured were two children aged 7 and 11

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