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The Volokh Conspiracy » Mann v. Steyn — Mann Wins Round One
Judge Combs-Greene places substantial weight on the fact that Penn State and other institutions investigated and cleared Mann’s work. Yet it is the alleged inadequacy of Penn State’s investigation that were the focus of the very posts at issue. It cannot be that once some official body has conducted an investigation of an individual’s conduct, that further criticism of that individual, including criticism that “question[s] his intellect and reasoning” is off limits. By this standard it would be defamatory to express the opinion that George Zimmerman or Casey Anthony is a murderer. After all, each was investigated, tried, and found not guilty. Nor is it consistent with existing First Amendment doctrine to suggest that hyperbolic accusations of bad faith or dishonesty against public figures involved in policy debates are actionable.
...At the very least, the ClimateGate e-mails revealed unethical and potentially illegal conduct, so it’s not per se unreasonable for some to think the e-mails could signify something more, and not defamatory to say so...Those who are rooting for Mann — but love to call climate skeptics “shills,” “liars,” and (yes) “frauds” — should be careful what they wish for.
Expert brings public health into climate change - SFGate
As a former director at California's public health agency and now a leader at the Public Health Institute, an Oakland nonprofit, Rudolph has devoted herself to figuring out how state and local governments should handle the health risks of a warmer planet - heatstroke, respiratory diseases, even scarcer nutritious food.

For her efforts, Rudolph, 62, of Oakland was among 11 national experts on the subject honored by the White House last month...Rudolph figures every little bit counts in both her professional and personal lives. That's why she frequents farmers' markets and participates in, a grassroots environmental justice organization. For the past nine years, she has left her car in the driveway and biked to work.
Q&A with Linda Rudolph, APHA Environment Section member | Public Health Newswire
Climate change has to be our top priority, because we are really facing a planetary emergency.
Mosquitoes are worse this summer in parts of US - SFGate
[Borenstein] Minutes earlier, he saw a mosquito circling his 4-month-old daughter — indoors.

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