Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The US Corn Belt and the summer chill | Watts Up With That?
While we cheer on the Arctic sea ice extent, there are farmers in the northern half of the Corn Belt who are now concerned about how their crop will finish.
Lamar Smith vs NSF | Planet3.0
Smith’s repeated statement that he wanted to “improve” on the NSF’s grant-awarding process raised hackles in the scientific community. Currently, the NSF relies on reports from referees—i.e., peer review—to choose which applications will be funded. What many observers found really alarming was the letter Smith wrote to Marrett, requesting copies of the referee reports related to five NSF grants that he felt were suspicious, all in the social sciences.
Book Review — Climate Change: Natural or Manmade? | Somewhat Reasonable
Fone’s uncovering of the scientific errors that led to and supported the mythical global warming crisis is as detailed as any you will find. The documentation of such scientific errors will be especially interesting to the scientifically trained reader. Fone provides a compelling narrative of how even Margaret Thatcher, the sharp, conservative former British prime minister, bought into the false global warming crisis.
Real Science Fraud File | CACA
In order for the “overthrow” of capitalism to occur and the utopian green dream to take its place, the man-made global warming scare must be portrayed as catastrophic and unprecedented throughout recent history.

Data tampering is one way climate scientists and their respective institutions (eg NOAA, NASA, USHCN, GISS) corrupted by the cult of AGW, are going about achieving this goal.

The idea is to cool the past and warm the present, creating the ‘hockey-stick’ effect ~ the essential ingredient of the (Michael) mann-made global warming theory.

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