Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Tell climate deniers the threat is real — Blog — Barack Obama
In climate deniers' districts, we'll be calling them out and shining a big old [fossil-fueled?] light on their denial of climate science.  [Why not helicopter Obama's dog in and "sic 'em" on the evil "deniers"?]
The Complexities of Climate Change | Mother Jones
If we're to avoid destructive climate fluctuations, scientists say we need to slow, and eventually halt, the emission of greenhouse gases that do and will continue to produce global warming.
The Great Texas Fracking Drought That Was Not Caused by Fracking | Tory Aardvark
The Greens global campaign against fracking continues unabated with this latest flimsy story from the keyboard of Green junk journalist Suzanne Goldenberg at the Guardian where a very small town in Texas has apparently run out of water.

The story is actually over 2 months old, but in true Grauniad tradition has been dusted off and vaguely presented to appear as though the events are current and that the town is still dry.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: Wonder if parts of western ...
Wonder if parts of western pa have shortest period of above 32 ever. Major late May cold, now chance of 32 some places tom night?
German Green Energy Bluster Running Out Of Wind - Forbes
Although blades on the 150-foot wind turbines at the new German offshore Riffgat power plant nine miles off the North Sea island of Bokum are finally turning, there is one big problem. They are doing so only because they are being powered by onshore fossil-fueled generators to prevent the rotors from corroding in salty air. And why might that be? Well although they otherwise function perfectly, the underfinanced grid operator hasn’t yet connected a power line because of problems attracting investor financing. Prospective investors attribute their reluctance to a lack of market confidence.

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