Wednesday, August 14, 2013


1,429 Towns Destroyed By Climate Change - Business Insider
If we wait until 2100 to mend our polluting ways, sea level will rise by 23 feet and 1 inch
Changing climate may have driven collapse of civilizations in Late Bronze Age | Science Codex
Combining this data with archeological evidence from cuneiform tablets and correspondence between kings, the researchers suggest that the late Bronze Age crisis was a complex, single event comprised of climate change-induced drought, famines, sea-borne invasions and political struggles, rather than a series of unrelated events. They conclude that this event underlines the sensitivity of these agriculture-based societies to climate, and demystifies the crisis that led to their end.
[So why "changing climate" and not "global warming" above? Maybe this explains it]:  Rapid cooling triggered Bronze-Age collapse and Greek Dark Age

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Re: 1,429 Towns Destroyed By Climate Change - Business Insider

The article says:
"according to an additional analysis, also published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, by Benjamin Strauss of Climate Central."

And gets funding from Rockefeller (among a number of donors):