Monday, August 12, 2013


Bob Watson: IPCC must address slowdown in global warming
“The IPCC must be policy neutral..."
...the governments as well as the scientists own the reports.
“It means they can’t argue against the science, because they’ve already agreed what the science is, basically,” he says.
“The deniers are saying we’ve obviously got the theory wrong, because greenhouse gases are still increasing – which they are, at a rapid rate – so why isn’t the temperature responding? Therefore, the IPCC must address difficult issues like this, absolutely.”
“But clearly far more action will be needed,” he says. “Clearly.”
Twitter / LeoHickman: Telling that Cameron makes ...
Telling that Cameron makes no mention of climate change in his Big Up to fracking ?
We cannot afford to miss out on shale gas - Telegraph
Safe fracking will cut energy bills and create wealth without ruining precious countryside, writes David Cameron
Twitter / justintempler: AGW It's Ok to lie?: "I believe ...
AGW It's Ok to lie?: "I believe it’s appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous it is." ~ Al Gore
Twitter / GarthGodsman: Prior to 1940, NASA's adjusting ...
Prior to 1940, NASA's adjusting of raw temp data tends to be downwards, after 1940, upwards.

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