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So three bears tagged and collared as ‘western Hudson Bay’ bears actually could have been from the three different subpopulations in the area. Interesting…

And, yes this is a broken record, but I remain concerned about radio collars – I like looking at the data but really wonder if they are impacting the lives of these bears. There is such a massive weight gain and loss over the year that, well, I just don’t know… So, maybe these collars were designed to fall off this spring but the loss of three of four collars by August – whether this translates to bear mortality or not – seems a bit disconcerting.
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@ed_hawkins @richardabetts @etzpcm IPCC confirmed this in an email to me; full unedited report will be released on Monday 30 September
My constituents are complaining about eco-protesters, not drilling – Telegraph Blogs
Here is an energy source that doesn’t emit soot (as coal does), nor jam estuaries (as tidal turbines do), nor starve Africans (as biofuels do), nor slaughter rare birds (as wind farms do). It doesn’t soak up public subsidies (as both nuclear and renewables do); on the contrary, it will generate a healthy stream of tax revenue for the Exchequer. Oh, and it will reduce our carbon emissions, by displacing coal in electricity generators.
It’s odd to hear people who have spent the past 20 years insisting that we follow ‘the scientific consensus’ on global warming now demanding that we disregard the scientific consensus that fracking is unharmful. And it’s even odder to hear those who have spent decades complaining because we no longer mine coal suddenly protesting because we now propose to extract a cleaner and safer fossil fuel.
Why Isn’t It Warming?
Water vapor is the thermostat, not CO2.

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