Thursday, August 22, 2013


Group launches second round of ads targeting climate-change skeptics - The Hill's Ballot Box
"Congressman Coffman is so extreme he sides with Big Oil," the narrator says in the ad targeting Coffman.
Media Matters praises Al-Jazeera for unbalanced coverage of global warming - National Policy & Issues |
On Wednesday, the far left wing Media Matters took a break from bashing Fox News to give what the Daily Caller called a "slobbering electronic kiss" to Al-Jazeera for its unbalanced coverage of global warming.
DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog
Global warming is killing the death industry:

Sydney’s unseasonably mild winter, the warmest on record, might be a joy for most of us but it’s making life tough for funeral directors, who are experiencing their slowest season in 25 years.

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