Monday, August 12, 2013


Ambivalent coverage of climate change's 'new normal' : Columbia Journalism Review
Considering the importance of the information, the mainstream press provided surprisingly limited analysis
Twitter / RichardTol: .@LeoHickman The UK shale ...
.@LeoHickman The UK shale resource is equivalent to 9 ppmv CO2; the reserve less than 1 ppm; climate change is not an issue here @cwhope
The BBC discusses changes in the sun - and why they don’t mean an ice age is on the way | Carbon Brief
changes in the sun's activity might have a small but noticeable effect on earth's temperature, if man-made greenhouse gases weren't having a much bigger one.
Meltfactor » Blog Archive » Greenland 2013 melt is over the hill
By 9 August, fresh snowfall concentrated along the southeastern ice sheet brought up the ice sheet albedo.
...A reliable feature of climate is the poleward transport of heat in the atmosphere (and ocean) and the main contuit into the Arctic is the North Atlantic. So, what we see in this figure is normal and Greenland just didn’t get much exposure to this warm air stream (marked with up-pointing purple arrows). This extra heat bypassed Greenland much of this summer.

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