Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Twitter / ForecastFacts: Watch @climatebrad's @ametsoc ...
Watch 's presentation on Forecast the Facts engagement with broadcast meteorologists:
U.S. scientists make official statement claiming that man IS to blame for global warming - despite data being 'inconclusive' | Mail Online
Eminent scientist Roger Pielke, who was involved in putting the statement together, claims this view is inaccurate as not enough data is available
Skeptical Science takes ‘creepy’ to a whole new level | Watts Up With That?
There are a number of images where the head of Dana Nuccitelli or John Cook appear to have been photoshopped onto images of Nazi soldiers.
Call it anything, but don’t call it ‘global warming’ - By Don Flood
Just last month, Cape Henlopen school board member Sandi Minard complained about how Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” - a 2006 documentary about global warming - was shown to district students, because of its supposed lack of scientific credibility.
Twitter / ChairmanAl: @etzpcm the problem for climate ...
@etzpcm the problem for climate scientists is that political opportunity was always more important than the purety of the science @BNerlich
There's no such thing as domestic climate policy: An interview with John Ashton | Carbon Brief
The UK's climate diplomacy is among the best in the world

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