Friday, August 09, 2013


US could store 500 years of CO2, geologists say's not a panacea, warned prominent climate scientist Michael Mann.

"Sequestration is certainly better than no sequestration in most circumstances," Mann told MSN News by email. But with current technology, storing carbon dioxide would make using fossil fuels as expensive as renewable-energy sources, he added.
Global Warming Makes People Mean!
You might be interested to know that violent crime -- right here in the good ole US of A -- has been dropping for at least a couple of decades now. Somehow, that doesn't seem to add a whole lot of credence to the "global warming - high crime" theory, now does it?
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds temperature record in China contaminated by urban heat island effect
A paper published today in the Journal of Climate finds the temperature record in China was significantly influenced by the growth of urban areas around weather stations originally located in rural areas [the urban heat island effect], rather than actual planetary warming.
Wild bees are in even worse shape than honeybees |
this past winter, nearly one-third of U.S. honeybee colonies died or disappeared
Thoughts on the Climate Debate » The Portal - Don't be afraid… enter the Portal!
To try and understand how our views on policy influence our belief in science, I decided to conduct my own experiment. Since I have to time or money to conduct a study, I’ll just have to use myself. In the table below, I try to list every value, preference, personality trait, etc., that influences my policy preferences and beliefs around climate change.

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