Tuesday, August 27, 2013


America’s Shale Revolution: CO2 Per Capita Lowest Since 1964 | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
America’s shale revolution is providing significant economic and environmental benefits; CO2 per capita lowest since 1964
▶ The Six Stages of Climate Change Denial YouTube - YouTube
[two more minutes from climate hoax promoter Michael Mann]
The Reference Frame: Lindzen's talk at DDP meeting
He shows a cartoon with the vicious triangle of scientists (making ambiguous statements), journalists (conversion to alarmist declarations), politicians (responding to the alarm by paying scientists), and so on. Scientists in faraway disciplines (psychology, political science...) are happy to have some "action" in science. Ordinary people have sense, academics don't. Some amazingly meaningless, AGW-motivated research projects that got $200k or $400k are mentioned.
Atacama desert sees snow, rain after 30 years - Chile
As light snow fell for the first time in thirty years, the moisture mixed with desert soil, creating a huge mudslide that pushed its way to the very border of the town of Tocopilla.

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