Monday, August 19, 2013


Snowfall in Grise Fiord
Up to 25 cm of snow expected.

A stationary weather system over the High Arctic will give significant snowfall to Grise Fiord today and tonight.
50-Year-Old Fracking Site That Makes A Mockery Of The Balcombe Zealots | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
It’s next to a nature reserve – and has fracked enough gas and oil to power 21,000 homes every day… since 1963 and with no complaints from locals.
Polar bears have not been harmed by sea ice declines in summer – the evidence | polarbearscience
PBSG biologists continue to make correlations of polar bear ‘success’ with duration and extent of open water in September (i.e., the seasonal sea ice minimum) but the total of all studies suggest these correlations are weak or nonexistent, as I’ve summarized below
Michael Mann: ‘Primary cause’ of climate change is fossil fuel burning |
So how did it change before the fossil fuel era? And where is the global warming for the last 17 years?

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