Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Fox Can't Do The Math On Climate Change | Blog | Media Matters for America
Rutgers University's Jennifer Francis, an expert on Arctic climate change effects, added that it's "absolutely ridiculous to say that the Arctic melt is slowing down"
Twitter / TucsonPeck: #SWClimate warming (yes, AGW) ...

warming (yes, AGW) is forcing big change in S AZ vegetation - bigger than I expected

Twitter / ChairmanAl: @TucsonPeck You sound ecstatic. ...
@TucsonPeck You sound ecstatic. Sounds like it might pay off with a few more conference air miles.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New review paper finds climate sensitivity to CO2 is miniscule
A new review paper from SPPI and CO2 Science finds on the basis of observations that the response of the climate to radiative forcing from clouds indicates that the "concomitant 20-year change in radiative forcing due to CO2 alone would have had to have been truly miniscule, which suggests that all of the angst manifest by climate alarmists over anthropogenic CO2 emissions may be wholly misplaced" and "it would appear that earth's climate is much less responsive to changes in radiative forcing than the world's climate alarmists and most climate modelers claim it to be."
Why isn’t climate denialism politically toxic?
Attacks on Republican officials over climate change are part of a long term strategy, an effort to bait them into high profile exchanges over the issue that will likely command media coverage. Making elected officials pay a steep political price for climate denialism may seem like a long way off, but perhaps environmentalists can muscle the issue into the political discussion.

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