Monday, August 12, 2013


Arctic Sets New Record For The Largest Increase In Summer Sea Ice | Real Science
This summer has seen the largest increase in sea ice area on record. August 8 ice area was 1.26 million km² larger than the same date in 2012, beating the old record increase set in 1996.
NOAA describes this record increase in ice as being a record loss.
Prince Charles facing political 'meddling' claims
LONDON (AP) - Prince Charles has had 36 private meetings with British Cabinet ministers in the last three years, a newspaper revealed Monday, and the large number has spurred accusations that the heir to the throne is meddling in politics.
The heir to the throne is expected to be politically neutral, but 64-year-old Charles has expressed strong opinions on issues including education, architecture, religion, the environment, organic food and homeopathy.
Scientists Say Nature ‘Is Better at Carbon Farming’ | Climate Central
a plantation occupying just 3 percent of the Arabian Desert would remove from the atmosphere the same amount of CO2 as all the motor vehicles in Germany produced over the same period.

The German scientists say all they are doing is working with nature. The trees would need a little help, however, in the form of water. The team therefore proposes starting the plantations near the coast where desalination plants would provide enough water to get the saplings established.
A known advantage of planting trees in arid regions is that they increase cloud cover and rainfall, a further greening of the desert. On the minus side, irrigation can lead to a build-up of salt in the soil, damaging the plantation.
Enviros not happy with Calif. carbon offsets - SFGate
State officials say industries will be allowed to use offsets from carbon reductions that have already taken place.

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