Monday, August 19, 2013


Turns Out The 97% Greenland Ice Meltdown Of 2012, Was Actually A Net Gain | Real Science
The red line in the second graph shows the record melt season of 2012, which alarmists got hysterical about. Note that at the end of the summer of 2012, there was slightly more ice than a year earlier. During a normal Greenland meltdown year, the ice sheet gains almost 400 gigatons of ice.
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Second Slowest Peak Arctic Melt Season On Record | Real Science
Since July 23, Arctic ice area loss has been the second slowest on record. Ice loss has been 61% of normal, and was just slightly faster than 2001.
Proactionary principle | Climate Etc.
The climate policy debate at its most basic level is posed as a clash of values between those who want to protect the environment and future generations versus those who want to spur economic development in the near term: a dichotomy of values between the political left and right.  [Is Curry really arguing that left-wingers care more about their grandchildren than right-wingers?]

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