Monday, August 26, 2013


Living In The Past | Real Science
In the 1960s, liberals had a term for people who were afraid of change, and lived in the past – they called them “reactionaries.”

Barack Obama leads a new reactionary group – climo-reactionaries. People who believe that the climate used to be stable and lovely, and that any perceived change in the weather is bad.
Satellite temps flat for 200 months now |
If the global warming era started in June 1988 with Jim Hansen’s drama-queen congressional testimony, then atmospheric temps have been flat 67% of the time since.
Snow every day expected at Mt Rainier - And it’s still August
Paradise-Mt. Rainier, Washington – Elevation: 12,600 feet.
[Email from Monckton] Mann says there is "evidence that humans are warming the planet". There can’t be. For 200 months there has been no warming at all. Get over it. Get a life.
Meanwhile, the world continues to fail to warm as predicted. Not only Attorneys General but also taxpayers will soon, and rightly, be demanding their money back from the grasping profiteers of doom who so monstrously over-egged this particular pudding.

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