Monday, August 05, 2013


Twitter / CountCarbon: And my Carbon Counter blog ...
And my Carbon Counter blog is essentially finished. New jazz will appear here:
Study Finds 5 Ways Conservative Media Erode Trust In Scientists | Blog | Media Matters for America
A new study shows five ways conservative media decrease trust in scientists, leading their audience to doubt climate change.
It's just hot air: Britain’s low-carbon economy turns off irate investors - Climate Change - Environment - The Independent
With global warming set to wreak accelerating devastation on the global economy...
Warning Signs: Hot Lies Disputed by Cold Facts
The time is overdue for the American Meteorological Society to abandon any role in advancing a hoax that Mother Nature herself has exposed.
Will global warming lead to more war? It’s not that simple.
the 2000s were the warmest decade on record, but they also managed to be “the least conflict-ridden decade since the 1970s.”

So clearly there are other things at work here  [Ya think?]

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