Friday, August 23, 2013


PRUDEN: Up to our ears in snake oil - Washington Times
Al Gore and his traveling medicine show is back in town with his new, improved snake oil, guaranteed to grow hair, improve digestion, promote regularity and kill roaches, rats and bedbugs. Al and his wagon rumbled into town on the eve of “a major forthcoming report” from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which is a panel of scientists affiliated with the United Nations. Their report is expected to buck up the spirits of the tycoons of the snake-oil industry.

A snake-oil salesman’s lot, like a policeman’s, is not a happy one. There’s always a skeptic or two (or three) standing at the back of the wagon, eager to scoff and jeer. The global-warming scam would have been right up Gilbert and Sullivan’s street. Would Al and the U.N. deceive us? No! Never! What! Never? Weeeell, hardly ever.
The great global warming con. | Pointman's
The whole scam will be gone in a decade or so but in the meantime, and with one eye nervously on the exit door, the scammers are now putting their best efforts into a blow off phase. Listen carefully around you now, and for the next few years, and you’ll hear the inch wise retractions which somehow don’t count as full-blooded recantations.

The first excuses were changing the nature of the story slightly. Global Warming subtly mutated into Climate Change, which is now being rebadged as Global Climate Disruption. It’s similar to catching a liar out; the lie mutates to cover whatever hole you’ve pointed out to them.
An Inconvenient Chill: 2,055 U.S. cities enjoy cool peak summertime temps |
In the past month, there have been 2,055 cities across the country reporting chilly summertime peak temperatures.
Coalition refuses to say what difference its billions will make to the temperature | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
The question was simple, or so I thought. By how much will the Coalition’s plans cut the world’s temperature? By 0.0038 degrees by 2100, as an IPCC author has optimistically calculated, or actually less?

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