Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pot-smoking philosophy major David Roberts says he's leaving the climate debate for a year

Twitter / drgrist: I’m off to play a few games ...
I’m off to play a few games of cornhole and smoke some legal Seattle weed. Will be back on later for a few late-night goodbye tweets.
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[David Roberts] After several wayward years spent snowboarding and getting an MA in philosophy (go griz), he woke up with nothing but a dissertation between him and an arid, cloistered life spent debating minutiae with the world’s other 12 Dewey scholars. So he bailed.
Flashback: Buffett's Charlie Munger Says Cap And Trade Is "Monstrously Stupid" (CLIP) - Business Insider
Here's his take on global warming from a 2007 investor meeting: "So what we are really talking about with global warming is dislocation. Dislocations could cause agony though. The sea level rising would be resolved with enough time and enough capital. I don't think it's an utter calamity for mankind though. You'd have to be a pot-smoking journalism student to think that."

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