Thursday, August 08, 2013

"The protesters do not seem concerned with such details": NY Times reports on people protesting fracking for gas at a site where a company is drilling, not fracking, for oil, not gas

Goals Collide in Drilling Protests -
The main aims of the protests are to prevent shale gas drilling and particularly hydraulic fracturing, or fracking — the injection of large quantities of water and sand into the ground under high pressure to break up rock formations to release trapped natural gas.

Yet Caudrilla is drilling in Balcombe for oil, not natural gas, and says it has no plans to use fracking at the well. The protesters do not seem concerned with such details.
...In one sense, the activists’ choice to make a stand in Balcombe has been
shrewd. The little village is an easy trip for the London news media
and a picturesque illustration of what might be spoiled by oil and gas
drilling.   [Via Andy Revkin]

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