Sunday, August 25, 2013

Say it ain't so: Looks like warmist Miles O'Brien likes to fly his private plane, which burns 16 gallons of fossil fuel per hour

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A third generation pilot with an instrument rating, O’Brien owns a Cirrus SR-22 and often pilots his airplane to assignments.
Smokin' Cousin:  The Cirrus SR22 - AVweb Features Article
The SR22 uses about 16.7 gallons an hour
N122CV ✈ 22-Aug-2013 ✈ KBED - KRDU ✈ FlightAware
[Looks like Miles has flown his private plane about 15 hours in the last two weeks]
Miles O'Brien | Journalist

Flashback: It's the end of the world as Miles O'Brien knows it: After PBS lets Anthony Watts speak; O'Brien says it was "a horrible, horrible thing”

Guest Speaker: Fathers, Sons And Flying |
[O'Brien, 2008] These days, I log a lot of time in my SR22 with my family strapped in beside me cheek to jowl

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