Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Settled science: "constant wrangling over wording" for AGU climate statement; "some areas may experience cooling" included to cover their asses

AGU Letterhead Template - AGU_Climate_Statement_new.pdf
In the current climate, weather experienced at a given location or region varies from year to year; in a changing climate, both the nature of that variability and the basic patterns of weather experienced can change, sometimes in counterintuitive ways--some areas may experience cooling, for instance. This raises no challenge to the reality of human-induced climate change.
Scientists declare: 'Human activities are changing Earth's climate' - NBCNews.com
Crafting the statement, [Gerry] North said, was anything but easy.  Drafts went back and forth among committee members for months, with constant wrangling over wording...He noted that another statement on the counterintuitive effects of climate change on weather, such as cooling in some regions, has "a little bit" of an edge to it in anticipation that skeptics will point to such cooling as proof the planet isn't warming.

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