Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Car of the future: Electric cars were "extremely popular" 100 years ago, before fossil-fueled cars completely out-competed them

Detroit Electric - Our Story

It’s hard to imagine that back in the early 1900s, electric cars were the most prolific vehicle. And guess who helped spark the movement.

Our founder, William C Anderson made his first Detroit Electric in 1907. By 1910 we were leading the way, selling up to 2,000 cars a year. Petrol cars were unreliable and dirty, but Detroit Electrics could be charged at home and used in an instant - making them extremely popular. Even Henry Ford’s wife drove one.

As the years passed and petrol engines became cheaper and stronger, sales of electric vehicles dropped. Finally, after producing a total of 13,000 cars - a world record for electric vehicles in the 20th century - the last Detroit Electric was shipped in 1939.

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