Sunday, September 01, 2013


The Current State Of Official Global Warming Knowledge | Real Science
Temperatures are falling, while rising faster than ever
Arctic ice has grown tremendously, and is retreating at a record rate
Sea level rise rates haven’t changed, and threaten to drown the Earth
All of the climate models massively over-predict temperature rise, and are conservative
Scientists can’t figure out why the Earth isn’t warming, but the debate is over – global warming is going to kill us all.
'We are fighting for survival,' Pacific islands leader warns | Environment | The Observer
[EU climate hoax commissioner Connie Hedegaard] "Scientists have been warning for years that as the planet heats up, we will have to deal with more severe, more changeable, more unpredictable weather."
Can The IPCC Do Revolutionary Science? | Watts Up With That?
No government can make far-reaching policy decisions on the basis of a report which is widely believed to be obsolete before it is released.

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