Sunday, September 01, 2013


Grain & Hay SA eyes record crops - Weekly Times Now
ACROSS the lush farmlands of South Australia, a once-in-a-generation crop is emerging.
The crop is set to shatter past records and breathe new life into the farming sector.
Leading farmers and analysts estimate the mammoth crop has the potential to be worth $3.3 billion and break the 2010 record of 10.34 million tonnes by up to one million tonnes.
Tightly packed grain crops are astounding farmers across the state as yields reach unprecedented levels.
Cold weather produces more heart attacks
Cold weather leads to more heart attacks, according to research presented at ESC Congress 2013 today by professor Marc Claeys from Belgium. The multifactorial study of nearly 16,000 patients found no relationship between heart attacks and air pollution.
Snowstorms Leave 30,000 Stranded in Peru as State of Emergency Extended - IBTimes UK
Tens of thousands of people have been left stranded by snow in southern Peru after the region experienced its worst weather for a decade.
More than three feet of snow has hit this region in recent days, with temperatures falling below -15C in several provinces in Puno since early August.
Around 250,000 alpacas have died from cold and starvation, with tens of thousands of llamas, cattle and sheep also perishing in the freezing conditions, leaving farmers destitute.
Fighting Pest, Farmers Find Strange Ally - A Drought -
Texas’ drought has left crops parched across the state, but the lack of water could have unintended benefits for South Texas farmers in one of the state’s longest-running agricultural battles.

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