Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Global Warming Linked to Changes in Ocean's Chemical Cycles : Environment : Nature World News
A rise in ocean temperatures -- a byproduct of rising atmospheric temperatures -- will upset the ocean's cycles of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and phosphorus, the study found.
- Bishop Hill blog - The ancient history of the Hockey Stick
Bernie Lewin is in the blogging saddle again and has written a fascinating account of the early history of the millennial temperature reconstructions.
Climate at the heart of Abbott’s election victory « Australian Climate Madness
In the election of 2010, as climate alarmism’s downward spiral was well underway, Julia Gillard shackled her fortunes to the Greens, environmental extremists who demanded urgent action on climate as part of the deal to support Labor. Gillard was forced to break her pre-election promise on the introduction of a carbon [dioxide] tax, and from that moment, trust in her and Labor was gone.
Twitter / carbonbrief: Met Office tells Sci Tech comm ...
Met Office tells Sci Tech comm last year its experts did thousands of interviews for outreach on climate change
Celebrate! Climate Commission to be abolished! « Australian Climate Madness
The hopelessly politicised Climate Commission, the function of which was apparently to spin government propaganda as “science”, is to be abolished, along with a raft of other pointless climate organisations.

Here’s how ACM reported some of the worst Climate Commission excesses

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