Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Attacks on Climate Change Science Hinder Solutions | DeSmogBlog
Resolving the problem of climate change will cost, but it will be much more expensive to follow the defeatist advice of industry shills, whose greed and lack of care for humanity will condemn our children and grandchildren to an uncertain future.

Written with contributions from David Suzuki Foundation Communications Manager Ian Hanington.
Shock News : IPCC Publishes Stupid Alarmist Crap They Found On The Internet | Real Science
James Delingpole explains the IPCC methodology :

So, to recap: in the course of a garbled phone conversation a scientist accidentally invents a problem that doesn’t exist. This gets reported as if gospel in an influential Warmist science magazine and repeated by a Warmist NGO, before being lent the full authority of the IPCC’s fourth assessment report which, as we know, can’t be wrong because it is vetted by around 2,500 scientists. Then, on the back of this untrue story, the scientist gets a cushy job at the institution whose director is also in charge of the IPCC.
Australia could be left with no policy on climate change | World news |
Australia could be left without any policy to combat climate change with a new Senate likely to wave through the repeal of Labor's carbon tax but sceptical of the Coalition government's alternative $3.2bn Direct Action plan unless Tony Abbott makes major policy concessions.
Mike Smith Enterprises Blog: How Flimsy Pro-Global Warming Science Gets Sold to the Public
The Diffenbaugh study misstates the pertinent findings of the IPCC study
The IPCC study finds no discernible trend in tornadoes and hail storms
There is no upward trend in violent tornadoes associated with rising temperatures
Yet, because a computer model says so, we are to believe that tornadoes and severe thunderstorms will be worse in the future because temperatures are forecast to rise even though rising temperatures, thus far, have not produced that result and -- perhaps -- the opposite result.

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