Thursday, September 12, 2013


Auditor questions Salmond's 'green' jobs figures - Telegraph
ALEX Salmond’s renewable energy revolution may only deliver a third of the 40,000 jobs he has predicted, the Auditor General has warned.
Twitter / Revkin: David Rose climate "coverage" ...
[Look, he even put quotes around "coverage"!] David Rose climate "coverage" further ripped. via et al
Noise of the Crowd » Blog Archive » How can you convince the UK to care about climate change? - Interesting things about public opinion
So, even if a campaign succeeded in convincing more people that, as it were, summer is coming, most people wouldn’t be that bothered by the prospect. The point is superbly encapsulated in ITN’s presentation of the deadly heatwave this summer. A few hundred people may be dying, but overall everyone’s basking in it and generally having a nice time:

I take two main conclusions from this for campaigns about UK responses to climate change.

Firstly, if someone were to start a campaign now about why people in the UK should want action on climate change, the obvious choice would be flooding. People believe it’s already happening, that it’s going to get worse, and that its worsening would be a major problem. While the poll also shows most people don’t think they personally are at risk from flooding, they’re still concerned and there’s nothing else that has so much legitimacy at the moment.
Sydney Was Burning Yesterday; Why Is No One Talking About Climate Change? | Junkee
if my home is one day lost in the flames, I certainly won’t be forgetting the names of those responsible

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