Tuesday, September 17, 2013


A frosty G20 puts global warming on ice - Comment - Voices - The Independent
The summit in Russia may herald the end of the stubborn global climate policy recession
Global warming report could backfire on environmentalists | WashingtonExaminer.com
the political debate will change. There's no way Congress will consider upending the American economy with far-reaching tax or regulatory schemes on the basis of flawed computer projections about a phenomenon that may or may not require any action at all. The activists can produce as many ads as they want. They can call opponents "deniers" all they like. It just won't work.
Scientists criticise reporting of IPCC 'leak' | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia
[Cartoonist "Dr" John Cook] I think the main culprit is articles in conservative newspapers
Parliament goes hostile on climate change | Adam Smith Institute
Parliament’s cushy consensus over climate change is dead. In 2008, when the Climate Change Bill had its third reading in the Commons, only five MPs voted against. But with doomsday predictions failing to materialize, and the planet failing to warm, MPs are starting to get more skeptical.

On Tuesday, in a Commons Westminster Hall debate, the room was overwhelmingly hostile to the Act. One of those MPs who voted for it, David TC Davies, says that the evidence has made him change his mind

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