Sunday, September 08, 2013


Unusually stubborn ice delays supply barge bound for Canadian Arctic | Alaska Dispatch
Ice buildup in the Amundsen Gulf is responsible for barge delays that have many Northern coastal communities in Canada’s western Arctic running short on supplies.

Normally, a supply barge arrives in the area in early summer to replenish stocks of fuel and other necessities in those communities. But this year, that trip is being held up by ice. As much as 30 to 40 percent of the Arctic Ocean remains covered in ice.

“We have not seen ice with this type of coverage in quite a few years and I really don’t know how far back we might’ve seen it,” says Bill Smith, a spokesman with Northern Transportation Company Ltd., which services the communities.
Tough Times For Sea Ice Melt Enthusiasts… | Watts Up With That?
[Warmist Neven, hoping for signs that CO2 may kill us all?] Next year will probably be better
The Worst Natural Disaster In US History | Real Science
On hundred thirteen years ago today, a major hurricane was about to hit Galveston, Texas. The massive storm surge destroyed most of the city and killed 10,000 people.
Colorado Fire Report | Real Science
There have been no forest fires in Colorado this September (or anyplace else in the southwest.) But it wasn’t always like that. One hundred fifteen years ago this month, a fire burned up the entire northwest quadrant of the state.

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