Friday, September 20, 2013


Obama Administration Unveils Requirements
"We know this is not just about melting glaciers," McCarthy said. "Climate change - caused by carbon pollution - is one of the most significant public health threats of our time. That's why EPA has been called to action."
Norway drops 'moon landing' carbon project - The Local
Norway has halted construction on its pioneering carbon capture and storage (CCS) plant at the Mongstad refinery after escalating cost overruns and delays, putting an end to the project Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said was Norway's "Moon Landing"
Committee Leaders Respond to EPA’s Plan to Restrict Access to Affordable, Reliable Electricity | Energy & Commerce Committee
The proposed standards would require the use of expensive new technologies that are not commercially viable.
The Hoax of Global Warming, AKA, Climate Change and Death of Coal Mining
om Borelli, a senior fellow at FreedomWorks, accused new Energy Secretary Gina McCarthy of “misleading Congress” on the feasibility of the technology.

“Clearly carbon capture is a pipe dream,” Borelli told

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