Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Into the Dustbin | NoFrakkingConsensus
Never mind the unforeseen snags, technical glitches, and miscommunications. Forget the eleventh-hour stop-the-presses due to a new development, and the go-live schedule that diverged wildly from the one I’d been led to expect. The labour pains were excruciating, but this baby is finally delivered!
This Is What An Arctic Ice Recovery Looks Like | Real Science
Not only has ice extent nearly returned to 1971 levels, but the bulk of the ice is perfectly situated to survive the winter.

Contrary to the blatant misinformation spread by alarmists, most of the ice volume loss from 1979-2007 was due to winter transport of older ice out the Arctic, rather than summer melt. That pattern has reversed in recent years, and the older thicker ice is making a significant comeback since 2009.
National Geographic Sep 2013 – what kind of house would want it in? | Omnologos
After decades of uninterrupted reading I gave up a few months ago, having seen the Magazine slide (fall) from its geography mission to open, fear-based “environmental” advocacy (with a lowercase “e”). It seemed and still seems there is no low you would avoid to reach in order to describe the planet or mostly cute species as either ultimately doomed or irremediably ruined: by evil humans, obviously, including one suspects all of your readers.

I stopped reading the magazine with my son, as there was simply too much to skip over what looked liked unwarranted alarmism. Who in their right mind would want to teach their children how intrinsically ‘evil’ they have been found to be (on a scientific basis!!) just because they are humans.
Professor Belcher Discovers The AMO | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
where has Professor Belcher been in the last six years?

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