Sunday, September 22, 2013


THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds sea levels rising at less than 4 inches per century, with no acceleration
A new paper finds global mean sea levels rose at only 1 mm/year, equivalent to less than 4 inches per century, over the 203 year period from 1807-2010. The finding is remarkably similar to the sea level rise of 1.1-1.3 mm/yr found by the NOAA 2005-2012 Sea Level Budget, the only sea level budget which reconciles both satellite [altimeters & GRACE] & ARGO float data. The authors also find no evidence of acceleration of sea level rise, which indicates that there is no evidence of a human influence upon sea levels.
WICS NewsChannel 20 :: News - Top Stories - Global Warming Study to Spark Government Debate
National Weather Service Meteorologist Chris Miller says this does not mean the planet has cooled.
"That's kind of like saying if you're driving down the road in a car and you're not accelerating as fast that doesn't mean you're going backwards," Miller said.
Miller is hesitant to even use the term "global warming."
"The term implies that the whole globe is warming but the whole globe is not warming at the same rate. It's warming much faster in northern areas," Miller said.
What scientists are trying to figure out is why. Is climate change a natural phenomenon? Or is it a product of burning excess fossil fuels?
"Some are saying it's going to be a huge influence, some are saying a little bit, some are saying no. And that's where some of the controversy comes in," Miller said.
Scientists say that is because climate change must be studied over a period of hundreds and even thousands of years.

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