Thursday, September 05, 2013


THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Gore's Climate Reality Project says Gore & climate change are "one of the favorite piñatas for media and easy targets for headlines. Always have been and always will be"
[email from Dan Stiles] As many of you already know, AG [Al Gore] and climate change are one of the favorite piñatas for media and easy targets for headlines. Always have been and always will be. In that stead, this particular piece was written with a narrative that the reporter had no interest in changing despite both GPG’s and my efforts to educate them on the great work of this team. You would think Buzzfeed, of all places, would understand our approach to tackle this issue. But, alas, headlines are more important to and easier for them than writing about innovation and a community effort.
C3: Those Stubborn Facts: The Modern "Warmest Decade" Is Due To Natural Forces, Not CO2
Let's summarize: Next month, or next year or the next decade is likely to be warmer due to the natural warming rebound since the LIA. Duh.

To reiterate, this natural, built-in, dominating LIA-rebound warming trend will continue regardless of the added impacts of greenhouse gases and etc.
Free Staged Reading of a new Climate Change Play - Extreme Whether in New York September 10th
I take a harsh view of Deniers, too. In fact, I’ve renamed them, and I’m hoping the new name will start to catch on: “Climate Misleaders.” I differentiate between true skeptics – those who are still unconvinced that humans are causing climate change (I’m not sure how anyone with a truly open mind can be in this category anymore, though!) – and the Climate Misleaders. These are people who deliberately ignore and/or misconstrue the science in an attempt to convince the public that humans aren’t affecting the climate system or that it’s nothing to worry about. They are well funded by organizations that stand to lose a lot if our economy shifts away from fossil fuels, and those funds are used to buy air time to shout their misleading messages. The scientific community as a whole thinks they’re doing a huge disservice to society, and that one day they will be recognized for who and what they are and the damage they are doing.
Warning Signs: Will Australians Vote to End the Carbon Tax?
Fifteen million registered voters in Australia will go to the polls and render their judgment on September 7. It is a vote that should be reported upon in the United States, but it more likely to be ignored or buried.

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